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Below you can see how I’ve compiled all of my affiliate links, meaning I receive a small amount of commission when you purchase through my link, & discount codes, you receive the discount, but I don’t receive any commission (unless otherwise stated, some brands have a mixed deal goin’ on).

Modern day social media marketing can seem shady sometimes so these are here so I can be fully transparent with you in terms of how these deals work & what I receive in exchange for sharing the products & goods on my platforms & IRL (in real life). I use & enjoy all of the listed products, otherwise I wouldn’t be sending them your way as recommendations. If you have any questions or want to sample a product, as I do have some samples on-hand to share with students & folks like you (student or not, you’re reading my content), please pop me a direct message & I’d be happy to share the goodness. Seriously, all of the below is pure magic & I’m mega grateful to have relationships with the teams behind each of them.

*Blog posts on each of my experiences with these babies coming SOON

The OM Collection

Bali made, state-side sold. Sustainable & mega comfortable.

Firefly Chocolate

Ceremonial Grade Drinking Cacao

DIRECT LINK: http://www.theomcollection.com?aff=85

CODE: caroline10

What you get: The (THE) best yoga clothes & lounge wear ever. Stay tuned for personal invites to some gatherings where we can try on the earthy tones & soft, but still stretchy, fabrics.

DIRECT LINK: click here

What you get: 5% off, go indulge in some heart filled cacao my dears! Sit in stunning ceremony with your loved ones, or new faces, & watch Mama Cacao work Her magic. To maintain the honor of the ceremony, try to do some research or attend a cacao ceremony (I host them monthly - all are welcome) to sit with cacao & understand the depths of the practice prior to leading your own.

Your Super

Organic superfood & plant protein mixes


DIRECT LINK: https://yoursuper.com/?rfsn=2840859.a58dc5

What you get: 15% off, indulge in a chocolate mix, potent green mix featuring the highly coveted moringa, or some plant proteins. So many options & perfect for a quick pick-me-up at any time of the day, which is why I love them!

Cusa Tea

Herbal blends for on-the-road & the-go


Plant-based & macro-packed snack bars


*Simple discount codes I signed up for solo - I receive a small discount on my own purchases when you shop through my link

BOBO’S: https://prz.io/qbnl5jT8

What you get: $5 off - enjoy these snack bars all ya want & an opportunity to build your own referral program & bonuses

Details to come.

Details to come.