Teacher, student, artist, & writer


Caroline Ann teaches yoga sequences in tune with the lunar cycles, seasonal shifts, and daily energetics of a space. She began her teaching path during her freshman year of college, studying vinyasa in Boulder, Colorado. Since then, she has traveled and studied extensively in Bali and the D.C. area. Caroline holds space with ease and awareness so as to allow students to wander within knowing they are held and safe in the sacred space created by students and teacher. 

As an artist and poet, she gathers inspiration from the depths of self which can be potently explored through meditation and Yin. She weaves some of her words, poetic and prose, into her classes so as to allow for an experience that steeps students in the beauty and joy that comes from co-creation and the lyrical rhythms of poetry. 

Caroline’s Vinyasa flow classes are mindful, move with breath and from Source energy, and invite students to explore individual intuitive movements. The Yin sequences she creates shift students into stillness and invite all to dive in and explore their energetic inner landscapes as shapes are purposefully aligned so as to move with the Prana Vayus (Winds of the body). After all of her classes, she hopes students leave the space aware of the gifts of stillness and breath, all while feeling balanced in their subtle body and mind.