Where: Western Maryland

When: Friday March 20th - Sunday March 22nd

Hosted by: Lil’ old me ~ we haven’t met? Hello hello, get to know my internet self!

Join me for 3 days & 2 nights in a stunning restored farmhouse nestled among Western Maryland’s rolling hills & vast farm land.

Just outside our door, the coming Spring will provide a serene backdrop as we gather together to float through a weekend of presence & creative femininity.

We will cultivate mindful space together, yoga asana & otherwise, while exploring the organic & plant-based meals provided by our dear chef.

All are welcome to attend.

Please send me a message if you’re at all unsure about the specifics of the weekend.



Our gathering space

Fox Haven Farm & Learning Center

A non-profit run by local folks with regenerative agriculture, herbal studies & teachers, and a learning initiative to bring all back to the honoring & living purposefully on & with our lands.

With a few spots prime for retreats on their land, we chose The Spring House - a sustainably refurbished farmhouse tucked a minutes drive from the big red barn & work spaces of Fox Haven - as our home for a couple days.

Driving West from Central Maryland or the city, the roads begin to wind & the speed limit slows to a soothing crawl, at points.Your front windshield encapsulates the transcendent mountains of Western Maryland and the peaks of West Virginia, too. Located just 15 minutes from Harper’s Ferry, we’ll have time to hop the state line & explore the creeks & waters of our Wild & Wonderful neighbors.

Cruise through the cascading greenery paving the roads leading up to our home. You’re greeted by the symphony sounds of nature reawakening after Winter slumbers and slows. With Springtime taking flight, the birds are making a gentle return to warmer Maryland days. Ferned and greened days awake with us each morning, and you can gather with a mug of tea & a blanket to wrap Self in - on the back porch, with its wooden rocking chairs & expansive view of Spring sunrises.

Within the hundreds of acres of Fox Haven, we’ll be able to explore the budding Spring spirits & creatures while walking the paths along the sweet cows, eventually winding our way down to a nearby creek. Expect songs to be sung in tune with these running waters & seasonal shifts. The teachers & directors of Fox Haven have numerous offerings - including herbal classes, farm tours, & an abundance more that we can embark on if we so choose.

Only 20 minutes Northeast - Historic Frederick & her painted row homes, coffeehouses, & an Apothecary I’ll gladly share with you all (expect some of their goodies featured over our weekend together). You might pop here before or after our time together & it acts as the perfect bookend to your travels, either way.

Rooms & pricing

Early Bird Rates beginning at $410 per person

Rates will rise on November 20th, 2020

Specifics can be found here

Eat up

Our private chef is the best human being, an artist & yogi, Hannah Veater will be with us for the weekend. Hannah will share her plant-based, creative, & love-filled eats with us and can accommodate for any & most dietary preferences/needs. Our kitchen will just be bursting with nourishment and delicious scents!

All meals are included starting Friday afternoon, including 3 meals & snacks on Saturday, and a cozy Sunday brunch.

Lil’ bonus bit ::: You’ll get a smattering of these goodies provided throughout the weekend & in a goodie bag (hello, childhood birthday parties) when we part ways.

See below for a sample menu of smoothies & juice elixirs, all made in-house.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 3.50.17 PM.png

Our days together

Originally, I had a rather detailed schedule included here. But, why put more nonsense in your head when it’s all going to be provided for you? Let your mind quiet. If you have any questions, simply ask & we’ll answer as we can. Show up fully as you are and the rest will all be as it will be, of course. I will say, a typical day will always include - some sort of outdoor activity (weather providing), a yoga class, a meditation, a creative activity, & loads of plant-based goodness provided whenever your belly asks.

More details on potential activities below.

What’s included?

  • 3 day, 2 night stay

  • 2+ asana practices per day

  • 2+ daily group activities

  • Possible activities include:

    • Cacao ceremony, Oracle card drawing, nature walks, group hikes, guided meditations, bonfires, & more

  • All meals provided

  • Herbal teas & cleansing juices

  • & more more more!

Bonus, my dear! After we part ways you’ll receive a discount code for the next retreat, planned for August 2020, & an extra guided meditation or yoga flow per month sent directly to you/our FB group (to come).

What’s not included?

  • Travel expenses

  • Travel insurance

From me to you

I’ll be available via e-mail in the weeks leading up to our gathering. A couple weeks before the retreat start date, all the information you could possibly need will be sent your way via e-mail, including my personal phone number should you need to contact me directly as you’re en route to our venue.

I intend for this weekend to join a wide array of folks together to learn and grow with & from one another, while delving into a space of self-study & serenity.

You all will arrive Friday afternoon, March 20th. I’ll be there to greet you with post-drive snacks & teas. That evening, we will gather together in an opening circle. Saturday will be a full day with an abundance of offerings. Sunday, our last day together, will be a 1/2 day & we’ll leave the space around mid-day after a brunch & some morning activities.

Flying in? We’ll work to arrange airport transfer for you.

Not an everyday-yogi? Don’t even worry, all physical practices will have plenty of modifications available. Classes will be Slow Flow, Yin, & Hatha - all of which are ideal for a multitude of levels in a single space. Come as you are, we’re happy to have you just that way!

Send me a message if you have any questions!


This premiere retreat of mine came to me over a weekend of yoga, inclusivity, & potent discussion in Boulder, Colorado. I cannot wait to bring these elements to all of you in the DMV area. Truly ecstatic as I think of all that is to come from this weekend gathering.

Talk to you soon ~ Caroline Ann