It’s not news to anyone that our planet needs some deep, potent medicine.

In raising our collective conscious, I (hi, it’s Caroline) think we cause some rippling for the better. Physically, though, there is so much work to be done. Picking up trash, not littering even in the slightest, composting, & avoiding plastic. It’s counterintuitive to host mindfulness events, but then leave our trash & plastic behind for thousands of years.

My aim with all my events: create as little waste as possible & track what is consumed so that we can consciously recycle, compost, & reuse.

Here are my to-dos when it comes to planning & hosting these retreats:

  1. Connect & communicate with our venue: This allows for us to understand the means available to us on-site in terms of trash disposable, compost accessibility, and where all the trash really goes. If the venue’s set-up doesn’t align with our hopes, we’ll handle trash pick-up & disposable fully on our own.

  2. Discuss goals with all the hosts & chefs: Food waste is a mega-problem, too. If any food is leftover after meals, we’ll set it aside & give guests the opportunity to take some eats home with them if they’d like. Any major snack foods or full meals that aren’t taken immediately will be transported to a local homeless shelter or food donation program. Proof of this can be provided if requested.

  3. Keep it convenient: For our guests, we’ll mark all the bins & be transparent about what products & foods can go in which bins. We’re open to questions & want our guests to know where the closest bins are for disposing of foods & the like.

  4. Use compostable, or at the very least 100% recycled & recyclable, products & plant-based, ethically, & sustainably sourced foods: Our menu is entirely plant-based and we will do our best to purchase food that is from the Earth, never wrapped in plastic, and can go back into the Earth safely. In terms of serving food & drinks, we will use reusable products as often as possible. The only products that will feature plastic will be some items gifted to the event & we will take all of that waste with us upon leaving the venue so it can definitely be disposed of properly.